Video Premiere: Piers Faccini – Missing Words

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France-based singer-songwriter Piers Faccini unveils poignant, animated video for “Missing Words.”

If you watch NBC’s “Parenthood” or ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” you’ve probably heard the music of singer-songwriter Piers Faccini. The songsmith is also a very capable director, as he proves with the video for “Missing Words,” which Utne Reader is pleased to premiere. 

“Missing Words” is from Faccini’s latest album, Between Dogs and Wolves, and the animated video features more 200 paper silhouettes coming to life. The moving silhouettes are the perfect complement to Faccini’s lyrics about words unspoken and words fatefully left behind.

An intimate suite of songs on the themes of love and desire, Between Dogs and Wolves depicts the unknowable and indefinable spaces between these themes, spirit and animal, between the wild and the tamed. Faccini’s haunting voice is front-and-center in the mix, and he performs on an eclectic collection of instruments (guitar, harmonium, dulcimer, kora, etc.) alongside special guests Jules Bikoko (bass, harmony vocals) and labelmate Dom la Nena (cello, harmony vocals). Between Dogs and Wolves is available now through Six Degree Records, and through iTunes

Photo by Alice Dison

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