Potter Power

By Staff

<p>One of the worst schools in Great Britain has transformed itself into one of the best using a Harry Potter-based curriculum. Robert Mellors Primary and Nursery began using “theme” classes, including Harry Potter, Princes and Princesses, and Titanic<i>,</i> and has “jumped from the bottom 25 per cent of schools nationally to just outside the top 5 per cent over the last three years,” <a title=”the British newspaper <I>Daily Mail</I>” href=”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=493455&in_page_id=1770″ target=”_blank”>the British newspaper <i>Daily Mail</i>
</a> reports.</p>
<p>The children wave wands while doing subtraction problems, repeating the phrase “numerus subtracticus” before answering. Some of the school’s staff have even begun wearing costumes. “Historically the school had a really bad reputation, which is why I applied for the job here,” said headteacher Donna Chambers. “But that has now all changed.”</p>
<p>No word yet on whether <a title=”American Gangster” href=”http://www.americangangster.net/” target=”_blank”>
<em>American Gangster</em>
</a>-themed classes are under consideration.</p>

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