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Fans of Urban Dictionary rejoice; bloggers Karin Zuppiger and Elisabeth Belliveau have graced the Internet with more random, amusing pseudo-definitions. The source of their inspiration? CAPTCHAs, those irritating boxes of swirling, muddled, often non-words that you’re required to decipher and replicate in order to acquire passage to certain places on the Internet.

Christened “Ungcot” (or “Uncaught,” as in, “to go uncaptured by CAPTCHA or other word verification box tests that are designed to determine that you’re a human and not a computer”), the blog features various CAPTCHAs, a definition of said CAPTCHA, and frequently a photo illustrating the imaginary definition in question. For example:

Cycyc: Your ability to predict the destiny of this bike based on the formation of rust on its frame, the unreliability of its brakes, the muteness of its bell as well the tracks left by its tires in combination with the auditory assault it performs on pedestrians as you muscle it down the street while repeating sheepishly (in your head), “just one more year of law school, one more year of law school, one more year of law school…”

Personal favorites include: supedipt, founds totato, and preesses.

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