Queer Youth Educate on Stage

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Queer youth are taking often-controversial subjects to the stage for discussion in an effort to get out information to those students who need it most. In their fall 2008 issue (article not available online), Bitch magazine gave a nod to About Face Youth Theatre (AFYT), a Chicago theater program for LGBT or questioning youth and their allies. Through performances like Fast Forward, a show about sex education based on the cast members’ own experiences, the program hopes to reach out to those youth who are largely ignored in government funded abstinence-only education. Bitch reports, “the government’s refusal to recognize the variety of sexualities among youth translates to a refusal to recognize those teens themselves.”

For more on ground-breaking queer activism, check out Utne Reader visionary Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore.

Image by Seattle Municipal Archives, licensed under Creative Commons.

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