Recording on the Cheap at Fantasy Studios

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Legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, which has been around since Creedence Clearwater Revival recorded their first hit in 1968, and was once dubbed a “multi-media powerhouse” in the 1970s, has transformed itself in the midst of proliferation of DIY home recording technology and opens its doors–wide–to the public.

The East Bay Monthly describes the forward-thinking, community-oriented facelift happening at Fantasy. A recent building ownership change in 2007 prompted rumors of the studio’s impending closure. Instead, armed with a mission to modernize and expand their services preserving their cadre of skilled technicians, they invited artists and groups (like the local Berkeley High jazz band) to come in for free or discounted recording time.

“What we’re trying to do is not fashion ourselves as a studio,” explains Fantasy’s managing producer Jeffrey Wood explains:  “but as a creative project.”

Source: The East Bay Monthly

Image by kainet licensed under Creative Commons

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