RNC: Rage Against the Machine Unplugged

Rage Against the Machine fans who flocked to the Ripple Effect festival at the Minnesota State Capitol on Tuesday didn’t get the free concert they were expecting, but they certainly got a show.  

Police shut down the fest before Rage took the stage, much to the dismay of fans, who responded by chanting “Let them play!” and “Free speech!” while pumping their fists in the air.

Not taking no for an answer, the band, led by Zach de la Rocha, descended into the crowd gathered on the Capitol lawn. After instructing fans to keep the peace, de la Rocha let lyrics fly into a megaphone and then led an excited pack chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” on a spontaneous march through St. Paul.

State troopers, riot police, and snipers flanked the crowd and were tight with information about why the concert was cut short. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports the performance was stopped because the band didn’t have a permit.

The scene promises energy will be high at Rage Against the Machine’s Wednesday show at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

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