Shakespeare Moves to Twitter

All the world’s a microblog, and all the men and women merely tweeters.  It’s tough to present an intelligent thought in the 140 characters allowed by Twitter, but someone has managed to summarize Shakespeare’s entire canon into tweets. Here are a few highlights: 

H: Mommy issues are just the beginning for a prince with a murdered father and new Uncle/Step-dad. Most everybody ends up dead.

TGoV: Two guys overcome both temporary exile from somewhere and their impulse-control issues and marry their long-suffering sweethearts.

KL: Old king learns too late that two of his kids only wanted power. He and most main characters die. One just gets his eyes gouged out.

(Thanks, Coudal.)

Update: The blogger has moved on to translating the show MASH and the Best Picture Oscar winners into tweets, too.

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