Ten Great Books That Are Not Great

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The people at the Second Pass are looking for a fight. They’ve named ten books they want “fired from the canon.” Who gets kicked to the curb? Not a lightweight among them: Faulkner, García Márquez, Kerouac, Dos Passos, Franzen…

The creators of the blacklist explain themselves:

If you’re looking for reading suggestions in bulk, you’re spoiled for choice … but a problem arises: Such guides are presumably meant to save readers time by pointing them in the right direction, but the guides themselves amount to several months or years of reading. The books they recommend add up to several lifetimes. What starts as an attempt to save hours ends as a commitment to more hours than you probably have.

Have a look for yourself. It’s a fun read, and if these people can be trusted, it may just change your life. Sort of.

Source: Second Pass

Image by austinevan, licensed under Creative Commons.

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