Todd Boss: A Generous New Voice in American Poetry

| March 2009

  • Todd Boss by Daniel Corrigan

    Daniel Corrigan

  • Todd Boss by Daniel Corrigan

Todd Boss is something of a rarity—a poet whose work reaches beyond the increasingly impenetrable walls of contemporary verse and generously welcomes readers into its fragile, beautiful world.  The poems in his debut book Yellowrocket unfold with a quiet elegance born of spare, deeply considered language. 

The book has garnered its author a wealth of positive attention, including rave reviews in the Christian Science Monitor and Charleston Post Courier . Boss won the Emily Clark Balch Prize in the Virginia Quarterly Review, which named Yellowrocket one of the ten best poetry books of the year.

But Boss' vision extends beyond the limitations of the printed word.  Through innovative collaborations with artists outside his chosen medium, he is challenging what poetry is and what it can do.  A quick tour through his website reveals a poet engaged in a range of different creative projects. 

"Todd invites composers and singer-songwriters to base original music on any of his published poetry," the website states.  Indeed, for Boss sound is an essential component to writing, which he views as a three-dimensional process.

"I think of poems as pieces of music, or a work of architecture," he says. "The poem is a space that you’re inviting someone into for a time.  I think a lot about how to build it, how they feel when they’re there, and how they will exit.”   

This kind of accessibility is important to Boss. 

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Todd Boss has been announced as part of the Chippewa Valley Book Fest. Read more:

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