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This Sunday, Utne Reader reprint author Annaliese Jakimides will have an essay featured on This I Believe series” href=”http://thisibelieve.org/index.php” target=”_blank”>
NPR’s This I Believe series
, a weekly radio segment broadcast during the Sunday morning Weekend Edition. I’ll definitely be tuning in, and you should too.

Jakimides first popped on our radar in 2006, via an excellent essay we reprinted from the parenting zine

Hip Mama

. In “
My Son the Marine
,” she describes coming to terms with the positive impact military life has had on her child–who she raised on “organic carrots and wheatberries and peaceful resolutions,” but “could not comfortably hug or kiss.”

“My son is a Marine,” Jakimides writes, “and the Marines have taught him to love, at least given him voice to the speaking of love and showing of love to his mother.” Her frank essay prompted a rash of impassioned letters in our mailbag, and I can’t wait to hear what wise words she has to share this Sunday.

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