Vending Machines that Quit Cold Turkey

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What would you do with nine clunky cigarette-vending machines? Louis Rastelli, an author and cultural historian based in Montreal, decided to fill them with small-batch art objects like books, sketches, cassette tapes, short films, zines, photography, and bedazzled finger puppets. “Any piece of art small enough to fit in a box the size of a standard cigarette pack” can be sold, reports Taddle Creek. The vending machines, which Rastelli has renamed Distrobotos, can be found in cafes and libraries–and even some bars. Most importantly, the Distrobotos cut the middleman out of the arts business. Each item sells for $2–and unlike at a big-box retailer or consignment shop, artists are taking home nearly 90 percent of the sale price. Talk about a smokin’ deal.

Source: Taddle Creek

Image bysfllaw, licensed underCreative Commons.

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