Video Premiere: Atoms and Void – “Waves of Blood”

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Utne Reader is proud to premiere the music video for “Waves of Blood” from the adventure-prone Atoms and Void.

Inspired by the late 80’s and early 90’s Talk Talk albums Sprit of Eden and Laughing Stock, Arlie Carstens long dreamed of creating music “that has a distinct sound and vision but that is not the work of a specific group of musicians; something that’s not a ‘band’ necessarily.” To help actualize this dream, Carstens invited his friend Eric Fisher to join as his songwriting and production partner. Over the course of several years and locations, from Seattle to Santa Monica, from Mexico City to New York, the duo recorded songs onto any device they could get their hands on.

In keeping with the spirit of Carstens’ original vision, the pair enlisted the help of additional instrumentalists including Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters), Morgan Henderson (Fleet Foxes), Rosie Thomas (Sufjan Stevens), among others, to record their debut album And Nothing Else. Despite having their laptop stolen in Toronto and another’s hard drive crashing in Seattle, Atoms and Void pressed on to see their ambitious project through. And Nothing Else will be released on May 20th available in limited edition pink and marsh blue-green vinyl. Preorder the album here.

And now, enjoy the black-and-white, slowmo spilling of milk in the music video for “Waves of Blood.”

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