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Here are ten of our favorite posts from the past week at Utne Daily. Have a fine weekend.

How to Build Your Own Nation!
What reasonable person wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to build a small island nation all their own? Good news: Modern land-moving technology makes it easier than ever.

The Terrifying Geography of Jobs Lost
Humbling. Terrifying. Numbing. There is no other way to describe this animated “Geography of Jobs” map, which tracks job loss and job gain beginning with 2004.

Eight Misperceptions About Contemporary Art
Misperceptions about contemporary art keep audiences from effectively engaging it,” writes Paddy Johson, who has constructed a list intended to empower the gallery-goer.

Punk Rock Activities for Grown-Ups
Draw tattoos on Henry Rollins, play punked-out word games, and color this picture of Iggy Pop! It’s all in Aye Jay’s new Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book.

Being Good: It’s Harder Than You Think
Let’s go out on a limb, but not too far, and assume that most people want to behave ethically. Bringing those intentions to fruition is more difficult than you might anticipate.

A Drug to Weaken PTSD
It seems like “science fiction,” one psychologist concedes–but taking a blood pressure drug after writing about a traumatic experience seems to alleviate the emotional distress associated with the memory.

Dressing Ourselves to Death
By snapping up rack after rack of cheap, mass-made clothing, we’re making ourselves all look alike, trashing the planet, and mistreating our fellow humans.

Ugly Endangered Species Deserve Protection, Too
The majestic whooping crane and the adorable polar bear tend to get plenty of attention from conservationists. Less charismatic animals, like the Choctawhatchee beach mouse, need attention, too.

Murder, Corruption, and Inciting Financial Panic on Twitter
A Guatemalan Twitter user has been arrested for inciting “financial panic” after a bank and the Guatemalan president were accused of taking part in murder.

If Only Darth Vader Had a Segway
VICE debuts their newly-invented sport: Sabersegging, and sends a special correspondent out to sqaure off against a Jedi master.

Photo courtesy ofJoel Sartore.

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