Weekend Reading (July10, 2009)

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Running from Gas,” a Pakistani lawyer runs from tear gas, Pakistan. © Emilio Morenatti.

A Show of Riveting, Diverse Photojournalism: Amazing photographs from one of the oldest photojournalism competitions in the world.

In Search of Lost Memories: Could traumatic memories be erased simply by remembering?

The Twitterless Tigers of Tamil: Twitter did not come to the aid of the estimated 20,000 killed and hundreds of thousands of displaced in Sri Lanka earlier this year.

Keeping Happy Even When Work Stinks: Somber as the mood might be, this isn’t the time to abandon the pursuit of happiness in the workplace

Your Brain Is Chaos: Have a Look!: The only thing more unsettling than reading about “neural avalanches” in your brain is watching them. Ah, brain science. Enjoy!

The Art of the Whimsical Paid Death Notice: The incredible obituary for “teetotaling mother and an indifferent housekeeper” Nancy Hixson.

More Amazing Music Websites for Hungry Ears

Urban Gardens for All Kinds of City Lots: Finally! Garden guidance for those of us who don’t have big, sunny, plant-friendly backyards.

Staying Classy, Staying Cheap: The intrepid folks behind Fancy Fast Food give step-by-step instructions on turning White Castle, Taco Bell, and Dominoes into attractive, if not tasty, dinner party fare.

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