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    William Basinski and the Music of 9/11



    There has been a lot
    of music inspired by or associated with the terrorist attacks of September 11,
    2001, but perhaps none is as poignant or thought-provoking as William Basinski’s
    The Disintegration Loops. 

    I tend to associate impressionable events in my life with
    music. Sometimes it’s the music that I heard during the event, other times it’s
    music that reminds me of the event. Whatever the case, the memory isn’t
    complete unless there’s a soundtrack.

    When it comes to the terrorist attacks of September 11,
    2001, I remember every moment of that day better than any other, but I don’t
    recall listening to any specific music. For a while, the soundtrack of that
    memory consisted only of breaking news updates and uncertain conversations with
    friends and family. And while the
    number of songs
    inspired by the event is almost enough to constitute its
    own genre, none of them truly captured my reaction to the event. That is, until
    I heard The Disintegration Loops by experimental
    composer William Basinski: