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    10 Most Enlightened Suburbs

    Suburbs are often stereotyped as selfish and soulless, but the
    communities highlighted here could teach towns everywhere a thing
    or two about civic spirit and livability. We?d like to hear your
    thoughts on other great suburbs throughout the world. Send us your
    suggestions (editor@utne.com or Enlightened Suburbs, c/o editor,
    Utne, 1624 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403) and we?ll take
    another look at enlightened suburbs in a future issue.

    1. Montgomery County, Maryland (Washington,

      A mostly affluent stretch of communities northwest of D.C., it?s
      home to probably the leftiest ?burb anywhere (Takoma Park) and one
      of the very first New Urbanist communities (Kentlands). Montgomery
      County stands out as a national leader in preventing sprawl by
      preserving thousands of acres of farmland. It has also achieved
      impressive results on affordable housing by requiring developers to
      include 15 percent lower-income units in all major projects or
    2. Tempe, Arizona (Phoenix)
      Standard-issue Sun belt sprawl has been transformed into a
      genuinely lively town through smart redevelopment and historical
      restoration. Local planners capitalized on the presence of Arizona
      State University to create a lively main street that attracts
      shoppers, cultural patrons, and lovers of urban atmosphere from
      around the area.
    3. Suisun City, California (Bay Area)
      Once a tough town notorious for pollution, drugs, and crime, Suisun
      City took bold steps in revitalizing its waterfront, investing in
      its tatty downtown, and building a handsome city hall and two
      public plazas. To the surprise of numerous skeptics, it worked, and
      this suburb on the way to Sacramento is now enjoying a
    4. Shaker Heights, Ohio (Cleveland)
      A classic 1920s garden suburb built around a rapid-transit stop,
      Shaker Heights has worked hard since the 1960s to encourage racial
      diversity. Controversial pro-integration policies have prevented it
      from becoming either a segregated white fortress or a resegregated
      black enclave. (Oak Park, Illinois, has accomplished much the same
    5. Royal Oak, Michigan (Detroit)
      Sure, some suburbs can be progressive, public-minded, and even
      pedestrian-friendly, but hip? Well, take a look at Royal Oak?a
      suburbohemia filled with ethnic restaurants, sidewalk caf?s, art
      galleries, theaters, a farmer?s market, and some of the Motor
      City?s best live music.
    6. Hammond/Whiting/Gary, Indiana (Chicago)
      Folks in these hard-hit steel towns might be excused for feeling
      hopeless about the future. But they?ve refused to give up on their
      communities. As part of the Northwest Indiana Federation of
      Interfaith Organizations, a coalition of religious congregations,
      local activists won a five-year uphill battle to establish a
      regional transit system. This victory not only will make it easier
      for residents to get to jobs in outlying suburbs, but also
      demonstrates the power of people working together.
    7. Burlingame/San Mateo, California (Bay

      Burlingame offers a grand example from the early 1900s of what a
      suburb can be: a bustling downtown clustered around a train station
      and surrounded by tree-shaded neighborhoods. Neighboring San Mateo
      is newer but is increasingly recognized for its vital and
      pedestrian-friendly downtown. This has made a big difference for
      the community?s many older people, who suffer isolation in most
      suburbs when they no longer drive.
    8. Delray Beach, Florida (Palm Beach)
      Suburban civic spirit is not an oxymoron here. This mixed-income
      beach town has won national awards for programs that help at-risk
      youth, minority senior citizens, and low-income elementary school
      students. Atlantic Avenue has been revitalized and low-income
      neighborhoods nearby are seeing signs of revival without wholesale
    9. Markham, Ontario (Toronto)
      toronto has been described by some wags as ?Vienna surrounded by
      Houston.? But this booming technoburb defies the sprawling,
      ticky-tacky, no-there-there image of the region?s suburbs.
      Municipal officials in Markham have embraced New Urbanism more
      sincerely than almost anywhere else, working hard to instill a
      vibrant, bustling feeling to new developments.
    10. Naperville, Illinois (Chicago)
      An old town on the Fox River encircled by suburban development,
      Naperville has maintained the amiable spirit of Main Street USA.
      But these charms have made it a target for tear-downs?classic old
      homes being razed to make way for oversized new McMansions.
      Community First, a local citizens group, established successful
      guidelines for maintaining the character of Naperville?s
      neighborhoods without stifling homeowners? creativity.

    Peter Katz was founding director of the Congress for the New
    Urbanism and now lectures widely on the benefits of urban places.
    Author of the influential book
    The New Urbanism: Toward an
    Architecture of Community, he lives in Alexandria, Virginia.
    Jay Walljasper, editor of
    Utne, writes frequently on urban

    Published on Mar 1, 2003


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