1999 Nominees for Best New Title

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New Village
www.laweekly.comBecause a spiritual community is just as important as a physical one, New Village magazine is needed. Covering all aspects of sustainable culture from town design to job development to childcare in a comprehensive, holistic approach, this sophisticated, cleanly designed journal focuses not on what a community lacks, but how to use the resources it already has.Orders by phone only: (In CA) 1-800-4050-2123 or (out of CA) 818-545-0396

Natural Home
www.naturalhomemag.comEco-nurseries, natural paint, and rammed-earth home construction all have a place in Natural Home, the magazine that synthesizes the home — and the people in it — with the Earth. Natural Home, in an elegant and attractive package, proves that sustainable home design can be beautiful and practical, and that earth awareness has a place everywhere.US $24.95/yr. (6 issues)
Orders to: Natural Home Magazine
201 E. Fourth St.
Lovelan, CO 80537-5655
Or, order online.
Or, by phone: 1-800-340-5846.

el Andar
www.elandar.comLatino culture is vibrant, complex, fragmented, distinct from Caucasian culture yet equally a part of American culture — all of which is represented beautifully in el Andar. Featuring heavy hitters such as Gabriel Garcia Marquéz and Isabel Allende alongside lesser-known but equally talented writers, el Andar covers difficult social issues and personal vignettes with equal aplomb.US $18/yr. Intl. US$30/yr. (4 issues)
Orders to: el Andar
P.O. Box 7745
Santa Cruz, CA 95061
Or, order online.
Or, by phone: 831-457-8353

www.passionfruit.comNot just a BaedekerÌs for women, Passionfruit uses travel as a jumping-off point for the larger context of what really constitutes a journey. From discussing global issues to challenging beliefs and societal limitations, Passionfruit is a forum that will be a destination as much as inspire new journeys.US $18/yr. (4 issues)
Orders to: Passionfruit
2917 Telegrahp Av. #136
Berkeley, CA 94705
Or, order online.

McSweeney’sPerhaps the most irreverent literary journal on the scene, McSweeneys is a breath of fresh air in an often stultifyingly stuffy realm. In addition to the usual essays and fiction, McSweeney’s promises “unproduced teleplays, explanations of the complicated cultural references that inform our daily newspaper headlines, cartoons without pictures,” and much more, making it a journal that bears watching — and reading.US$20/yr. (4 issues)
Orders to: McSweeney’s
394A Ninth St.
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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