1999 Nominees for General Excellence (Newsweeklies)

L.A. Weekly

L.A. Weekly seamlessly blends the news with the offbeat and the superficial clubland giitz with the melting-pot culture of the city to produce a newsweekly that consistently delves deeper than most. Emphasizing cultural commentary in its features and in-depth essays rather than hackneyed reviews, L.A. Weekly proves that there is some substance in L.A. after all.

Orders by phone only: (In CA) 1-800-4050-2123 or (out of CA) 818-545-0396

The Boston Phoenix

Brash and irreverent, the Boston Phoenix captures the pulse of its hometown like a top city ‘zine should. But what sets it apart is that besides being provocative and amusing, it informs and enlightens, with hard-hitting exposes that are the envy of the Boston Globe and quirky features such as how to attend a nude wedding.

US $80/yr. (52 issues)
Orders to: The Boston Phoenix
125 Brookline Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
Or, by phone: 617-536-5390

The San Francisco Bay Guardian

As befitting its motto “the best of the Bay . . . every week,” the SFBG covers the local scene flawlessly, but where it really excels is in its political coverage. Harking back to when the “power of the press” meant inspiring political activism as opposed to disgust, the San Francisco Bay Guardian is unparalled in its coverage of local and national hot-button issues.

US $32/yr. (52 issues)
Orders to: San Francisco Bay Guardian
520 Hampshire St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Or, by phone: 415-255-3100

S.F. Weekly

Every city weekly worth is salt tries to give a voice to the community – SF Weekly just does it better than most. It consistently hits the mark, whether with a superficially humorous story on legal battles behind a popular robot wars competition or how a hospital merger affects local residents. Even its reviews are compelling – theyÌre as likely to be on a forgotten Î80s band as on the artist du jour.

US $80/yr. (52 issues)
Orders to: San Francisco Weekly
185 Berry St., Suite 3800
San Francisco, CA 94107-1729
Or, by phone: 415-541-0700

Washington City Paper

YouÌd expect strong political coverage from a city paper based in Washington, D.C., and the City Paper doesnÌt disappoint, with features on jailhouse lawyers, the mismanagement crisis in D.C. courts, and corporate welfare abuse. Yet it also gives extensive space to articles on the local open-mike scene or the state of the bounty hunter, and somehow manages to have all facets not only coexist, but complement one another.

US $40/yr. (52 issues)
Orders to: Washington City Paper
2390 Champlain St. NW
Washington, DC 20009
Or, by phone: 202-332-2100

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