2003 Right Livelihood Award Winners

In this century, we are facing a global crisis. More than ever,
we need people to take risks and make personal sacrifices in
defending the environment, human rights and social justice. And we
need to recognize and support the work these people do.

Presented annually on December 8th, the night before the Nobel
Prize Ceremony, the Right Livelihood Award is handed out to four
outstanding individuals or organizations that have made valiant
contributions to the betterment of the world. Held in Stockholm,
Sweden, the award offers $230,000 US to be shared among three
winners. A fourth, honorary award, is presented to someone who is
not in need of monetary support but deserving of recognition.

David Lange, winner of this year’s honorary award, is known to
the world as the anti-nuke Prime Minister of New Zealand. He passed
legislation that banned all nuclear powered or nuclear armed
vessels from his country’s territory. Lange spoke out globally for
the disarmament of nuclear weapons and was a heavy promoter of the
South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty. The US didn’t appreciate
Lange’s passionate stance against weapons of mass destruction. They
cancelled defense exercises, cut intelligence sharing and demoted
New Zealand from ‘ally’ to ‘friend.’

One of the three cash awards was handed to the hugely
accomplished South Korean citizen’s movement, the Citizen’s
Coalition for Economic Justice (CCEJ). Founded in 1989, the CCEJ
has 35,000 members including 50 paid staff. It seems there is
nothing the CCEJ doesn’t do. Their projects embrace a broad scope
of issues ranging from economic justice, environmental protection,
organic agriculture, democratic and social development and the
reunification of Korea. Despite this extraordinary breadth, the
distinct and numerous CCEJ citizen-run programs have seen
considerable success on the ground.

For more on this year’s winners, visit the Right Livelihood
Awards web site at the link below.

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2003 Right
Livelihood Award Winners

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