20 Days in Spring

This online book is ?one U.S. citizen?s outlet for feelings of
frustration, disbelief, and impotence in the face of a war that
should not have happened, that has been mounted by an
administration drunk on its own power and delusions of grandeur.?
The artist seems to have captured the despair and powerlessness
many felt as the war moved ahead, as well as the hope of a saner
world. On one page Noam Chomsky is quoted: ?In December 1987 the
United Nations passed its major resolution condemning terrorism in
all its forms, and called on all countries in the world to do
everything they could to stamp out this terrible plague. One
country abstained and two countries voted against it, namely the
United States and Israel.? Downloadable in PDF format, this
beautiful and haunting work is rendered in stark black, white, and
red. The book also quotes Twain, Asimov and Lincoln, and features
photos of war protesters and a timeline of George W. Bush?s
military ?career.?
?Anne Geske

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20 Days in Spring

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