Cancun Dispatch: 9/8

CANCUN CITY, MEXICO — An action is a bit like a play. Now the
scene is set, although the props are still under construction. The
players are beginning to gather. More and more people have rolled
into town. The students’ caravan has made great progress but now,
we hear, it is blocked at a checkpoint. Still, we’re expecting them
for a meeting this evening to firm up the actions. I’m writing a
quick update now because I will probably not get home to do it
until late at night, if then.

There are meetings at 9, at 11. We hope that people have been
gathering materials and preparing what needs to be prepared, but we
don’t know for sure that they have. I have finally gotten my
charger for my cell phone and have been buying cards all day —
here you buy a card for a certain amount of money and when it’s
done, your phone goes dead until you buy more. I have a neurotic
horror of that happening in the midst of the action.

This morning there was a nude beach action — initiated by the
Mexican students who are here. The group took a beach and spelled
out NO OMC and NO WTO in human bodies. I couldn’t quite make it
down there because of other responsibilities but everyone seemed
very energized and excited by it. The police left them alone.

The eco-village is up and functioning and the campesinos are
thronging through the food tent and stopping by to look at the
pictures, ask questions, and examine things — especially the pump.
While the pump seemed a bit of overkill for the height of our water
container, it is a great example and seems to be an answer to a
common problem of no running water. It was a truly wonderful sight
to see one of the punks gravely explaining the pump to a whole
crowd of interested campesinos, and made all our work

Well, I will try to write again later tonight or early tomorrow
if I can, or as soon after the actions as I can get to an Internet
cafe. If I’m in jail, I’ll try to get our support person to post a
message to you all.

All the work, all the meetings and planning and organizing and
scheming and hoping and coordinating a million details are about to
come to fruition, or not. Please petition whatever Gods or
Goddesses, spirits or powers, you believe in for help for us
tomorrow — for open roads, safe passages, coherent and effective
actions, safe returns, and a couple of minor miracles.

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