How a Florida Beach Town Changed How We Live

By Jay Walljasper

Twelve ways that Seaside, Florida—best known as the setting of the Truman Show—revolutionized how we think about cities.

Ending the Gendered Division of Labor in the Home

By Amy Westervelt

Fostering equality in the home starts with education and practice.

Why Can’t Everyone Have a Home

by Chris Winters, from Yes! Magazine

People are looking beyond traditional boundaries to find housing that works for them.

Baby Changing Blues: The Problem with Changing Stations

By Kathryn H. Anthony

Think about the last public restroom you were in. Did it have a baby changing station?


The Airshaft

By Lisa Selin Davis, from Alaska Quarterly Review

Tales from the public private space that nobody owns.

The Designated Driver

By Jerald Walker, from Harvard Review

Differentiating between acts of courage and acts of love.

The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance

By Kim Bellware, from U.S. Catholic

Want to fight for families on the border? Take a cue from these nuns.

Beating Luxury Developers at Their Own Game

By Oscar Perry Abello, from Shelterforce

It might seem impossible for a non-profit affordable housing developer to compete with a luxury housing developer to purchase residential buildings, but the tide is starting to change.

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