A Gleaner’s Glossary

ad eminem adj appealing to prejudice rather than reason

alchempathyn a seemingly magical and valuable power whereby the
feelings and thoughts of one person are readily understood by another

cerebrawln a noisy intellectual quarrel or fight

clandestinationn a concealed final point of arrival

conflickety-splitn a prolonged battle undertaken with great speed

didactosaurusn an extinct, usually gigantic moralizing reptile, or a
person with similar characteristics

guitardedn use of “air guitar” in inappropriate or downright embarrassing
circumstances, e.g., using one’s ski as a guitar after having completed a wicked jump

homophonian affectation of speech in which a heterosexual attempts to sound “gay”

ludicrosityn absurdity or incongruity to the point of being laughable

misandryn hatred of men

pathetiquetten a code of courtesy or behavior arousing pity, sympathy,
or tenderness

testoasterovenn naturally occurring chemical producing pronounced male
characteristics such as insistence that one can fix all appliances

From the philosophy zine h2so4 (Summer/Autumn 2002). Such exercises in “neologismatism” are only one feature of this venerable Bay Area zine, which regularly delivers a sharp and quirky philosophical perspective on all aspects of modern culture–with a sense of humor, no less. Subscriptions: $8/yr. (2 issues) from Box 423354, San Francisco, CA 94142.

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