A Bite of Justice

Hogs that see the light of day! Cows that slowly munch on grass!
Now you need go no further than your computer for hams, cheeses,
jams, and coffees that are produced sustainably, safely, and
without growth hormones or continuous use of antibiotics. The
Supermarket Coop
is a web site dedicated to providing a
marketplace for family farms and rural co-ops. They feature cheeses
from the Family Farm Defenders, a group of Wisconsin farmers and
hams from the Patchwork Family Farms, a group of fifteen Missouri
farms. The family farms are dedicated to raising their animals in a
socially responsible way, using environmental stewardship and
treating their animals humanely. The site also hosts Equal Exchange
Coffee, which is shade grown, certified organic and purchased
entirely from small farmer cooperatives using Fair Trade Standards.
The web site is one way to assure that farmers receive a fair price
for their products. If you are what you eat then food from the
Supermarket Coop is like taking a big bite of justice.
Joel Stonington

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The Supermarket

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