Acupuncture (and Aquapressure) for Sexual Health

Acupuncture (and Aquapressure) for Sexual Health, Michael Gerber, Alternative Medicine
Acupuncture can effectively treat a number of sexual problems, according to Dr. Michael Gerber in Alternative Medicine. It has a long history of treating sexual concerns in China going back to 2000 B.C. But, if you’re squeamish about needles, Gerber recommends using ‘aquapressure’ to stimulate your body, which substitutes forceful jet streams of water for the needles. Even better, you can practice aquapressure by yourself or with your partner once a licensed acupuncturist has introduced you to the points of stimulation. ‘It is very easy for the patient…’ writes Gerber, ‘to slip into a hot tub at home or at the gym and stimulate these points by using a strong jet of water.’ And, if you don’t like water, try ‘acupressure,’ which uses manual or electrical stimulation.
–Anjula Razdan
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