‘Alternative Nobel Prize:’ 2000 Right Livelihood Award Winners

‘Alternative Nobel Prize:’ 2000 Right Livelihood
Award Winners,
Right Livelihood Awards
On December 8, while the Nobel Foundation was handing out its
prestigious awards, another ceremony was going on across town in
the Swedish Parliament. This year’s Right Livelihood
–often dubbed the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’–were
given to scientists and activists from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Turkey
and the USA who are doing remarkable work in the areas of
democracy, biosafety, pollution control and sustainable
agriculture. One of this year’s honorees is Ethiopian scientist
Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher, who was awarded ‘for his exemplary
work in representing the Like-Minded Group of developing countries
at the Biosafety negotiations in Cartagena and Montreal, and
achieving an outcome that safeguards biodiversity and the
traditional rights of farmers and communities to their genetic
resources.’ To read more about the Awards and this year’s winners,
check out the RLA website.
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