Another Example of Utterly Shamelss Promotion

Shortly after the Chicago Tribune published a list of
the ?50 Best Magazines? that was topped by Cook?s
(and failed to mention Utne at all),
irate readers began to weigh in with their opinions.

?You guys are idiots,? wrote Tim Schau of Chicago. ?Wooden
, Family Fun, and Soccer America make
your list? . . . Losers.?

So the Tribune editors tallied up the dissenting
opinions and on Tuesday published another top 20 list that we here
at Utne think is vastly superior to the original. Topping
the dissenters? poll was The Economist, followed by
Real Simple, Scientific American, Vanity
, and?whaddaya know??Utne.

?Even with the ?reader? removed from the title, (Utne)
offers a variety of views compiled from magazines you won?t find in
Springfield,? wrote Springfield resident Jeff Stauter. ?The
Utne tends to spark more conversation between my wife and
me than the dozens of other magazines we read.?

We did not pay him to say that.

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