Anti-Capitalist Convergence in New York City

Anti-Capitalist Convergence in New York City: January 31-February 4, 2002, and
The World Economic Forum, a meeting of corporation heads, top international government officials, and members of the upper economic sectors of society, will gather next week in New York City. The WEF has given birth in the past to such atrocities as GATT and the WTO, and is relocating to New York after protests drove it out of its longtime headquarters in Davos, Switzerland. An article in argues that the WEF is counting on the shell-shocked inaction of New Yorkers to ensure a minimum of street protest. “While thousands of New Yorkers are still burying their dead, trying to patch together shattered lives, and desperately trying to see how they can continue to pay insanely high New York City rents after being laid off from their jobs, the richest and most powerful men on earth have decided to come and party on the wreckage – to celebrate, no doubt, the billions of dollars of taxpayer money they’ve just been handed by their respective governments and explore new opportunities to profiteer from permanent global warfare.” Activists have responded by calling for an end to the moratorium on direct action in New York.
–Lila Kitaeff
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