A Puja for My Peugeot

To keep your automobile in good working order, change the oil as
recommended and have it serviced regularly. However, if the
spiritual well being of the car is the issue, you might just try a
car puja. The ceremonial Hindu blessing helps items used
in everyday life?houses, cars, appliances?ward off bad

In a step-by-step photo essay for Beliefnet, Jennifer
Polan takes us through her recent car puja. To perform the
blessing on your car, you?ll need a few items to get started: Holy
water, rice, turmeric powder (substitute with sandalwood if
necessary), incense sticks, a coconut, four lemons, a Hindu temple,
a pujari (the person who performs the ceremony), a small
Janet idol (optional), and one clean car.

You?ll need to call your local Hindu temple ahead of time to
make sure your car puja doesn?t interfere with a Hindu
holy day and to make sure there?s a pujari available to
perform the ceremony, which is said to last 15-20 minutes. The
price of Polan?s puja was $31; while prices may vary, the
dollar amount is bound to be an odd number since even numbers are
not considered auspicious. In most cases, the temple will provide
the rice, holy water, and turmeric powder, so it?s best to ask the
temple exactly what you need to bring.
Nick Garafola

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