Architecture for Humanity and World Changing Team Up for Tsunami Relief

On December 26, a series of earthquakes off the coast of
Northern Sumatra caused tsunamis that left at least 75,000 dead and
one million homeless in nine surrounding countries. Though numerous
aid organizations quickly sprang into action, the existing efforts
have been inadequate in the face of such widespread and total
devastation. In an attempt to catalyze reconstruction of the many
wrecked homes and public facilities, the nonprofit organization
Architecture for Humanity (AFH) has set up a fund through their Web
site. AHF plans to use local labor in all aspects of the
reconstruction, creating a cost-effective micro-economy that helps
revitalize affected areas while avoiding unwieldy overhead costs.
World Changing, a technology news site with a focus on
environmentally and socially conscious innovation, has joined in
the effort to promote the site, providing publicity and guidance to
AFH’s rebuilding effort. Both organizations have vowed to direct
100% of donated funds to local efforts, using none of the money to
cover operational and administrative costs. The revitalization
effort is sorely needed in countries such as Sri Lanka, India,
Indonesia, and Thailand, where many of the tsunami’s victims were
already living in desperate poverty before the tragedy struck.

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