Armchair Guerrillas: A Marketer’s Worst Nightmare

Armchair Guerrillas: A Marketer’s Worst
Dave Carter, Red Pepper
They are the marketing executive’s worst nightmare: the ‘armchair
guerrilla’ who enters every possible marketing scheme contest, yet
never buys the product. Mark, one of a growing band of
anti-capitalist ‘compers,’ tells Dave Carter ofRed
how to beat marketing managers at their own games.
These culture jammers (who are well aware that the competitions are
tools of the advertising industry) have organized, too, with a
magazine and even some clubs to share their winning strategies with
each other. Mark supplies us with a few tips, like sending in your
contest entries on picture postcards rather than plain ones
(‘…those bright young things in marketing are suckers for them’),
and pretending you have a company car, whereupon you will be
inundated with free offers ‘simply for letting other manufacturers
know when your ‘car’ is due for renewal.’
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