Ask Umbra: Astute advice on all things environmental

Ask Umbra: Astute advice on all things environmental,Umbra Fisk, Grist magazine
Looking for sage advice on environmental issues? Look no further, Umbra will help. Umbra fields questions about everything from the chemical trails jets leave behind to the health concerns related to farm-raised fish. Grist magazine’s research associate, Umbra Fisk answers the questions sent to her at askumbra, and offers concrete advice. To Beth, who asked Umbra how to jump start her office’s recycling program, Umbra tells her to research, research, research. “Call your local solid waste agency tomorrow and explain the situation (without complaining),” she writes. “Ask them for resources, advice, and good news about the bottom line of companies that recycle. What you are looking for are little inspirational sayings, such as, “After an initial investment to set up the system, recycling can often reduce garbage costs for businesses.” Ask similar companies in the area if they recycle and what makes it worthwhile for them. Pump them for more uplifting quotes, e.g., ‘We actually make a little money from selling our recyclables, and we use it to buy Tootsie Pops for everyone on staff.'”
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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