A Texan Cultural Icon Makes Official His Ambitions to Lead the Lone Star State

Bumper stickers hinting at Kinky Friedman’s intentions started
cropping up a while back. ‘Kinky for Governor: Why the Hell

The campaign slogan likely appeals to a heap of Texans who are
fed up with Gov. Rick Perry (and, as Kinky has pointed out, Perry’s
hair). And since Texas has a weak governorship (true power lies
with the lieutenant governor), the logic resonates. How much could
he really screw things up?

Kinky’s been talking about getting in the race for some time,
but made a big to-do announcement last week, using the
quintessential symbol of Texas — the Alamo — as his backdrop.

Governor would be an interesting addition to Kinky’s already
illustrious resume: country singer/leader of The Texas Jewboys,
mystery novelist, salsa maker, defender of animals. Since he’s made
a name for himself as a humorist, though, it’s tough for Texans to
know whether or not to take this latest escapade seriously. Only
time will tell. The election isn’t until next year, and Kinky will
need 45,540 signatures just to get himself on the ballot.

But the way Kinky’s been talking, he might not just be hamming
it up for the cameras. He’s sketched out a platform, which includes
focusing on education funding, re-evaluating the death penalty, and
outlawing the declawing of cats. As he

recently told KUT radio
in Austin, ‘This is not a political
campaign. This is a spiritual calling.’

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Kinky Friedman: Why the
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