Au Naturel?It?s Not Just for Members Anymore

BREAKING NEWS: the Seattle Post Intellegencer recently
released a report stating that the citizens of Issaquah are under
the impending threat of WMD?s?the Witnessing of Mass Derrieres.
This activity, writes Kathy George, is the work of a Washington
activist cell called Body Freedom Cooperative. Armed with only
their bare skins and a spate of wacky ?guerrilla pranksterism?
tactics, they are considered by King County officials to be
unorthodox and highly radical?REPEAT?HIGHLY RADICAL!!

Recently, co-founder Mark Storey and two unidentified members of
this revolutionary group?whose goal is ?to bring clothing-free
opportunities on public lands closer to the people of the cities??
went skinny-dipping at the King County park system?s H.Q. Since
then, the organization has plotted other scenarios in which they
will literally be ?caught with their pants down? in order to
promote greater public access to nudity. Possible future events
include: ?a ?mass nude photo shoot? at Washington Arboretum,? naked
citizens ?cleaning up graffiti? on the street, and a ?trilogy of
[Fringe Festival] plays? highlighting not only the nudist
experience, but also ?nude ushers and ticket takers, too.?

More conservative nudists are concerned that the group?s
unconventional tactics could backfire. Northwest Nudist Association
president Nancy Trautenberg stated, ?We like to have our nudist
freedom, but we don?t like to push it on anybody.? Sharon
Anderson?resident of Forestia, a gated nudist community concealed
from public view?agreed. ?I don?t like having any sort of views
foisted on unknowing people, and nudism is just one.? Although
Forestia sponsors such private events as ?Nudestock? and ?Bare Buns
Fun Run,? Body Freedom Cooperative?s co-founder Daniel Johnson
contends that ?social nudity in Washington is limited to ?those who
have money to join,? and intends to make nudity more accessible to
the public.
?Erin Ferdinand

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and stark naked – on purpose

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