A Very Global Event

A Very Global Event, Tarek Atia,
The youth who questioned Colin Powell on MTV’s program ‘Be Heard’
tell CairoNews how they felt about Powell and his
answers. Seif Hegazi, 19, who asked Powell about America’s role in
the deaths of thousands of Iraqi children, said he still feels that
the people of a country should not pay for the mistakes of their
leaders. Powell’s answers were typical, writes reporter Tarek Atia.
Though the secretary of state seemed involved and forthright, much
of his rhetoric seemed canned. ‘…a lot of his answers to the
tough questions being asked by youth around the world were
picture-perfect samples of diplo-speak,’ Atia writes, ‘where the
questioner, though perhaps unsatisfied with the response, quickly
realizes that he is facing a very capable and polite brick
–Sara Buckwitz
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In case you missed the MTV Global Forum between Colin Powell and
young people around the world, Here’s the complete
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