Awarding Our Leaders And the DICK Goes to

Awarding Our Leaders: And the DICK Goes
Heather Wokusch,
Inspired by the many scandals and public indiscretions surrounding
the Bush administration last year, writer Heather Wokusch felt
compelled to award the ‘outstanding achievements in the art of
duping the masses and using public resources for personal gain.’
Named after Vice President Dick Cheney, ‘this year’s competition
was understandably cut-throat, [though] some DICKS clearly stand
above the rest.’ Nominees vied for the Best Number-Fudging DICK,
Best Supporting Domestic DICK, Best Supporting Foreign DICK, Best
Profiteering DICK, and the DICK Of The Year. In the online
publication CommonDreams, Wokusch awards Defense
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld the Best Number-Fudging DICK. She writes:
‘A Committee member has reported that in requesting a $48.1 billion
increase to the military budget, Rumsfeld casually admitted that
the Pentagon had misplaced $2.3 trillion. . . . Apparently the
missing $2.3 trillion is no matter of real concern.’ To find out
who else won the coveted DICK awards, be sure to check out the rest
of her rant.
–Sara V. Buckwitz
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