A Year Has Passed

A Year Has Passed–Now What?, from
various sources
Whatever the 9/11 anniversary meant to you–dread, healing, renewed
anguish, relief, closure, or just another day in America–it has
come and gone. Disbelief may still endure, but passing this
milestone may wake us up to America’s future reality: How will
America fit into the world on September 11, 2003? Will we have
taken seriously the intentions we’ve batted around about becoming
more globally aware, less self-involved, less quick to believe in
our infallibility? Or will we keep asking why, increase our
nationalism, take on an agitated us-against-them approach to any
perceived threat? Connie Tuttle wonders where we’d be if America
reacted differently to 9/11
(in the Tucson Weekly), while Jeff
Ignatious in the River Cities’ Reader wonders if it’s
still not too late to keep from ‘squandering that chance’ to
change, cautioning that ‘Every day that passes makes it more
difficult to re-capture the national unity necessary.’
–Julie Madsen
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