Be My Surreal Valentine

Be My Surreal Valentine,Mary Ann Caws, University of Chicago Press
If you’re looking for a way to tell your sweetie you care this Valentine’s Day — but not in the conventionally sappy, chocolate-coated kind of way — a dose of Surrealist love poetry might be in order. Surrealist Love Poems, a collection of 60 poems edited by Mary Ann Caws, contains work that celebrates love in the absurd, passionate way that only Surrealism can. An online excerpt of the book features poems from artists like Jacques-Bernard Brunius, who distills love down to an obsessive, mangled neurosis in his poem “I Love.” “I love the smoking spark silk vanilla mouth to mouth,” he wrote. “I love blue I love known-knowing I love lazy I love spherical I love liquid beating drum sun if it wavers I love to the left I love in the fire I love because I love at the edges.”
–Kate Garsombke
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