Be All You Can Be: Geekcorps

Geekcorps is a non-profit IT organization dedicated to helping
Third World countries develop online capabilities. ‘We want to help
countries get to the point where they’re self-sufficient with their
own IT needs,’ says the group’s founder, Ethan Zuckerman.
Connecting countries like Ghana and Rwanda to the global grid is
important for the future of not only the people and economies of
the developing world, but of the entire interconnected world. A
volunteer can expect to be paid ‘miserably,’ Zuckerman says, but an
emphasis is placed on enabling volunteers to understand and learn
about the culture in which they are working. So if you feel like an
adventure outside the computer’s virtuality, step up for a
four-month tour of duty with the Geekcorps, and do the world some
Adam Overland

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