Betty Bowers: America’s Best Christian

The whimsical Betty Bowers Web site was created to promote the book What Would Betty Do?: How to succeed at the Expense of Others In This World – and the Next. Ms. Bowers portrays herself as a holier-than-thou near-do-gooder who has an in with God, the fashion world, and her local and national political scene. The site features the “New TESTament,” an opportunity to rate your knowledge of Bible studies, and Betty’s newsletter, which includes movie reviews and her who’s who in pop culture. The sales pitch on her Web store reads, “Help God’s favorite church stay online until Jesus comes back to destroy the Internet and toss everyone into hell.” There, you can purchase coffee mugs and T-shirts adorned with phrases like, “I gave myself to Jesus and he never calls.” This site takes everything dear to Bible-thumping conservatives and flushes it down the toilet.

–Nick Garafola
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