Bloggin? in a Bunker

Ari Fleischer has resigned. Osama appears to be back in
business. At times like this, Americans ask but one question: ?What
Does Cheney Think?? Thanks to the Dick Cheney Blog, now we know.
Each day, the vice president reaches out to the masses from his
?undisclosed location? (the High Times web site) to share
his thoughts on current events. When the Boston Globe
reported the U.S. ?faces serious obstacles? in stopping al Qaeda,
Cheney encouraged us to ?watch the NBA playoffs and have a beer.?
When Texas Republicans used Homeland Security resources to find
wayward Democrats, Cheney vowed to ?smoke those Democrats out of
their caves, and make them rubber-stamp our radical agenda.? Check
out the High Times Dick Cheney Blog for the vice
president?s spin on current events, plus a list of ?Links I Hate,?
?Erin Ferdinand

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