Blue License Plate Special

Blue License Plate Special,The Smoking
Want to get a personalized license plate that reads DGENARIT, BRSTFEED, GAY, or BRAVHRT? Too bad. Those options, along with hundreds more, have been banned by states all over the country, aided by concerned citizens who inform on obscene plates. The Smoking Gun takes advantage of the Freedom of Information Act to obtain angry letters from people concerned about license plates that read FAAHK, FL 8 ME, and even IH8GOP. They also provide lists of banned license plates in Wisconsin and New York. Each list contains hundreds of possible combinations, including such gems as DICKFACE, TOILET, BRA, JOURNEY, and every possible spelling of “cop.” The sheer attention to detail of these lists is stunning. Still, a few gems occasionally slip through the cracks. A Florida plate, for instance, reads: A55 GRY. The problem? The plate features an orange in the middle, making the plate read A55 ORGY.
–Madeleine Baran
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