Bully Magazine

Web site review by Kate Garsombke
Just like being awakened by a phone call in the middle of a nap,
Bully Magazine is ornery. And the site’s Flash intro,
which features a bobbing-and-weaving boxer suckerpunching a
different victim weekly, is only a sign of what’s in store for the
reader who enters. Monthly lists compile ‘all the things that irk
the shit out of us,’ such as bad quiz shows, U2, Bush
administration drug czar John Walters, and the Olympics. (‘Last
time we checked, the Olympics were supposed to be an international
event, not a platform for American hoorahism,’ write the editors of
the magazine.) With columns like ‘Jackass of the Month’ skewering
the Pentagon, Sandra Day O’Connor, and California Gov. Gray Davis,
Bully Magazine’s at its best when it goes on a political rant.
There’s also an entertainment department, which features music
reviews and an interview with cranky comedian Lewis Black.
–Kate Garsombke

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