Bureaucrats Circle Their Wagons

Bureaucrats Circle Their Wagons,
Kelly Patricia O’Meara, Insight Magazine
A U.S. District Court judge has scheduled contempt of court
proceedings against Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton for
falsifying information on the mishandling of money in the Indian
trust fund, reports Kelly Patricia O’Meara for Insight
Norton claimed that the Interior’s inability to
account for funds in the Indian trust was a result of a $40 million
computer system that didn’t work. Norton also announced the
creation of the Bureau of Indian Trust Assets Management, but
critics say her action is an attempt to stave off the contempt
charges. The mismanagement of trust money — generated from the
leasing of oil, mineral, timber and grazing rights on Indian land
— has affected 300,000 American Indians, according to
–Kate Garsombke
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