Bush to New Yorkers: Drop Dead

The Bush administration ‘directly interfered’ with EPA warnings
about toxic fallout from the World Trade Center collapse, reports
Harvey Wasserman in the Free Press.

In addition to being loaded with asbestos, the World Trade
Center housed concrete, plastics, chemical cleaners and office
equipment filled with mercury, lead, and other hazardous chemicals.
The EPA knew of the dangers of these materials in the air and
wanted to take precautions to save lives. But the White House,
citing ‘competing considerations,’ opted instead to withhold the
information so Wall Street could be re-opened as quickly as
possible and clean-up costs and liability claims could be limited,
Wasserman notes, adding that the ‘deaths of three thousand people
will be dwarfed over the long term by the lethal fallout.’

‘George W. Bush has officially told the people of New York City
that as far as he’s concerned, they can drop dead,’ Wasserman
writes. ‘And thanks to his lies, many of them will.’
Erin Ferdinand

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Bush to New Yorkers: Drop Dead

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