California Governor Race: The Hybrid vs. The Hummer

With the likely recall of laughably unpopular California
governor Gray Davis?approval ratings for Davis are below 25
percent?the two frontrunners in the race are the Greek-born Arianna
Huffington and Austrian-born muscle man Arnold Schwarzenegger.
?Voters will be asked essentially two questions: 1) Do you support
the recall of Gray Davis; and 2) Who should replace him if he is
recalled?,? writes Don Hazen for the AlterNet news service.
?Whoever has a plurality of votes?which could be as few as 20
percent?wins and takes the helm as governor the next day.? The
major California Democrats are frozen on the sidelines, thus
creating an opening for an independent candidate. Huffington pulled
a political about-face in the last six years after her Republican
ex-hubby came out gay following his losing bid to unseat Diane
Feinstein in the 1996 Senate race. One supporter calls her,
?anti-drug war, tough on corporate abuse, anti-war, anti-Bush,
pro-environment, pro-electoral reform?and smart as hell.? The
Terminator, on the other hand, is a moderate Republican who works
closely with Hummer designers and ?actually has one of the
gas-guzzling cars named after him.? In a thoroughly odd race where
anything can happen, the two frontrunners are truly the Hybrid
versus the Hummer.
?Joel Stonington

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