Canadian Senate Committee Says Legalize Marijuana

Canadian Senate Committee Says Legalize

Based on an ‘exhaustive and comprehensive’ two-year study, the
Canadian Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs is calling for
the legalization of marijuana, a bold proposition that could affect
the entire continent. In a 600-page report, the Committee sketched
out the ineffectiveness of Canada’s current marijuana laws as well
as the drug’s relative harmlessness.

The Committee emphasized that it was not endorsing the use of
marijuana, and that marijuana would still be regulated. It notes
that marijuana use should be a personal choice, prohibited only
when an individual poses harm to others. With that, the Committee
proposed legislation to criminalize illegal trafficking, driving
under the influence, and selling to children under 16. The report
also devised regulatory policies, including licensing, production
and selling, and prevention and aid for marijuana abusers.

Certainly, a leap this dramatic would affect the United States’
rigid war on drugs and increase the flow across the border.
‘Americans should give this a serious look — and reject the
prohibitionist policies that have failed for 2/3 of a century,’
said Rob Kampia of the Marijuana Policy Project on DRCNet. But
while the committee’s report has stirred up supporters and opposers
in both countries, the proposition still has a tough crowd to win
over: the House of Commons, where members, facing popular election,
may be more nervous
about the controversial measure.
–Abbie Jarman
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