Climate Justice From The Niger Delta to Cancer Alley

Climate Justice From The Niger Delta to Cancer

What does global warming have to do with human rights?
CorpWatch recently put that question to Nigerian
activist Oronto Douglas in an interview on the watchdog group’s

His response? ‘People [in Nigeria] have come to understand that
whatever happens in the U.S., and whatever happens in Europe, will
have an impact on them.’

In some cases, that impact is profound: ‘Right now people are being
killed because of oil, communities are being wiped out because of
oil. We have a responsibility for tomorrow, we have a
responsibility for the present, we are crying out yet the world
seems not to understand. We are dying every day, we have been
impacted, every minute by the fact that oil has to come to the
U.S., oil has to come to Europe.’

Douglas is currently touring the U.S. educating audiences about the
growing environmental justice movement. The seven-week tour,
organized by CorpWatch, will take him to Louisiana’s ‘Cancer Alley’
and other poor communities affected by pollution, from Atlanta to
San Francisco. ‘The peoples of Nigeria and the peoples of the U.S.
now understand that there is one common agenda directed against
them. That agenda is to make profit off of us.’
–Leif Utne
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