Control Your Mind, Control Your Future: With Neurofeedback

Control Your Mind, Control Your Future: With Neuro-

Neurofeedback is not widely known, nor widely recognized by the
medical profession, yet this alternative therapy is seemingly
working miracles for patients like Shanna Silverberg, a Hartford,
Connecticut high school student who saw her debilitating migraines
disappear in a matter of weeks, reports Jayne Keedle in the
Hartford Advocate.

When no traditional remedies provided relief, Silverberg’s
therapist suggested she visit Rae Tattenbaum, a practitioner of
neurofeedback. A branch of biofeedback, a technique that measures
biological responses and then ‘feeds back’ that information,
neurofeedback uses electrodes ‘attached to the scalp to measure
electrical impulses generated by the brain while a person
‘retrains’ their brain by playing what looks like a video

These games, writes Keedle, ‘encourage people to produce and
maintain brainwaves within a certain desired frequency, using
visual aids such as colored rocket ships that speed up when the
person achieves the right frequency.’ By maintaining the right
frequency, the game ”retrains’ the way the brain functions,
stimulating the growth of certain neural pathways to strengthen
this area of the mind on a more permanent basis.’ — Leif
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