Could Zapatistas Lose Out to President Fox in War of Ideas?

Could Zapatistas Lose Out to President Fox in
War of Ideas?
Martin Espinoza, Jinn
‘On the surface, it would seem that Mexico is on the road to peace
in Chiapas,’ writes Martin Espinoza in Jinn Magazine.
The July election of peace-seeking President Vincente Fox ended the
Institutional Ruling Party’s (PRI) 71-year-old autocracy. But Fox’s
ideological differences with his constituents may create a new,
more insidious rift. While Fox has promised to end the police state
in Chiapas and to send an Indian-rights initiative to congress, he
disagrees with Zapatista notions of economic and democratic rights
for the poor, revealing an ideology perhaps even more conservative
than the PRI’s. Espinoza suggests the danger of this Fox in sheep’s
clothing: ‘Blinded by their hero’s radiance, Mexicans just might
unwittingly approve the privatization of the country’s electric
power and oil industries, which they have vehemently opposed in the
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